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May. 2nd, 2009 02:20 pm
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Interesting bug - my profile page is not showing my default userpic - it's showing my first uploaded userpic for some reason. This behaviour is persistant even if I change my default icon to something else or set no default icon.

Must check bugzilla and see if that one's in there. ETA: yep, there it is.
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Of interest are probably the following:

http://dw-news.dreamwidth.org/2826.html - this covers what to do if you want to import your LJ entries to DW (including how to set your account level artificially higher). I recommend making sure your userpics have imported properly before you schedule an entries import, otherwise all your entries will import with your default pic. Other than that, it's pretty cool.

http://denise.dreamwidth.org/12000.html - the latest haps.

I'm sure someone somewhere wrote something to help people port styles ([personal profile] phoenix possibly) if you don't fancy the default! ETA yes, here it is.

I've been doing closed beta for a while so if you want to find anything, feel free to poke me :)
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I wonder if something has changed in the site scheme - the top bar now squashes up on my phone screen so the links are all on top of each other.
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Argg! Why is there no "View this in my style" on the nav bar, I grounch irritatedly! And then I remember - I'm still on LiveJournal. Damn it!

Oh Dreamwidth, you are spoiling me for other sites, you know.
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I wrote/am writing some code! Which, at present, works but is in-elegant. Such is life, I suppose. Tomorrow is for finding an elegant solution to the problem.
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It suddenly occured to me that I have no idea if reading filters are on the list for open beta. I hope so. Must get better at searching for stuff in bugzilla - I never seem to be able to find the bug that I want.
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Ah-ha! I can see what I'm typing - w00t!
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Juicy new core2! Of course that means I have to recompile my style to get the sidebar working again :) But that's entirely to be expected - serves me right for being an early adopter. I wonder if there's an obvious place to look and see what's supposed to be working and what's not...
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OMG, open beta date set! I actually cleaned out this journal again so that I don't end up getting comments on both sites in the transition process, but it's going to be so soon! I wonder how the cross posting interface is working out...
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I am getting the whole happy "I made this!" vibe from my style again even though it's exactly the same because of yesterday's coding :) It's ridiculous how pleasing CSS hacking is. Also, I'm liking having a post button right there on my friends page

S2 2

Mar. 21st, 2009 01:31 pm
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Posting as I play...

1) Recompiling my style under core2 requires editing a couple of properties and that's it. Yay for not having the double negative variable naming for turning off custom comments pages :)

2) My current style, using core1, is using the new views array and so has extra items in the menu bar. Cute.

3) No overall div for the sidebar created by the sidebar primary function. Looking at core, I see it's in the page print, function. I would suggest that anything which is printing out a lognical grouping of content like that ought to print out the containing tags for that grouping itself, but that's personal preference - I doubt it'll make people override.

4) No CSS class to indicate the current view on the views list.

5) The tell a friend button on the userlinks toolbar isn't transparent like the rest.

6) While we're building in tags functionality, how about a tags_cloud function for the sidebar?

7) The basic comments layout is displaying with the userpic on its own line, which is annoying. Might be a width issue, but it never used to do that.

8) There is an unclosed h3 tag on the day page.

9) Page summary on Friends Page doesn't list the journal the entry's held in. (You can pinch the code for this from my style if you like - I just modded the existing Core2 stuff).

10) No tag counts as tool tips on tag links

11) For consistancy's sake, can the Reply link have brackets around it like the (Parent) and (Thread) links for comments?

Obviously, not all of these are bugs - some of them are things which I think are going to cause a large percentage of style authors to override the core functions.
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I am amused to see that the beta population is such that about half my interests are linked already :)
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If I were to want to look at the DW code just in order to check whether something is intended behaviour or not without any plans to actually write any or anything, does anyone know where I would look?

(hey, look, userpics!)
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Hmm. My userpic imports all fail. I'm sure someone talked about this a while back but I can't remember what the outcome was. If I delete my default pic and try again then that gets re-imported but nothing else does.
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w00t! Re-importing comments works just like I hoped it would (i.e. it just adds the latest comments to posts, rather than double importing or anything like that).

Also, tags workaround - tags hit memcache when you use them, it seems, so I just opened edit tags for this entry, selected everything, saved the changes then went back and reversed them. Work of a moment.

Also, converting LJuser tags worked like a charm!
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Hmmm. Something's wacky with the importer. My entries have imported and they're correctly tagged (e.g. the fic tag exists) *but* only tags that I created on DW can be seen at http://dani-the-girl.dreamwidth.org/tag/. Anyone else reporting the same behaviour?

ETA: I can see all the tags when I go to the "edit this entry's tags" link.

ETA 2: Internal links (i.e. where one of my entries links to another of my entries) do not have their URLs updated. Also comments from the LJ account I imported from are marked as from my openID. Not sure if that last one is by design or not.
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Huh, that's weird. Something's changed in my style. I thought it was just because I was viewing it on the smaller screen of my ultra portable, but it's not - something has changed in the CSS and now the page width is wrong. How bizarre! I wonder if the CSS cleaner is now cleaning up the IE only hack I put in to fix the box model...

Edit: Nope, got it. It's the navigation strip. When I had none of the nav strip related boxes ticked on my journal, it was showing the nav strip. Now that I've set it to only show for people not in my circle (i.e. not on my journal) the style works fine again. So not a styles bug, but probably an NS bug. I'll just go see if it was a change to the way the setting is recorded (i.e. if changing it back will now fix the problem).

Son of edit: Check. Now I've unchecked the box and resaved my settings, I'm getting the expected behaviour. Awesome.
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It's just about possible that I could get to like this getting up in the mroning lark, you know. At this school, I arrive way before the teachers I'm working with (to miss the traffic) and I can sit here and catch up on email and just warm up gently to the day. If I had my own desk where I could avoid saying good morning to people, it would be even better!

I still haven't imported all my old entries over here yet, but this is feeling more and more like home to me. It feels odd when I go over to LJ and see the wrong style. I'm going to wait to run the importer until the comments engine is up too. That way in the mean time if anything weird comes up I'll be able to test it from a non-imported account, IYSWIM.
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Hmmm. I'm noticing that about one in four times when I hit my friends list or journal page, it doesn't load the stylesheet. Is anyone else with a style set up on their journal getting a similar effect, or am I just special? For that matter, does anyone else get the same thing with mine if they visit periodically?


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