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Fandom: SG1
Summary: Jack has cake. Daniel knows how to make him share. Gen team-fic.
Notes: My brain is an odd place to be right now. I was having a quiet shower and then Daniel started lecturing me about cake. What can you do, eh? V. short (~300 wds)

'Uh, I wouldn't do that if I were you,' Daniel said. )
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Fandom: SG1
Summary: Missing scene from Abyss. Jack is taken away for another session with Ba'al and Daniel talks things over with another ascended.
Notes: I was actually inspired to write this by seeing the Pegasus Project - seeing her, I felt sure that Morgan had known Daniel well when he was ascended and this conversation suddenly occured to me. Approx 500 words.

'Oh, hi,' Daniel said vaguely, turning away from the lower plane as the man he'd been talking to was escorted out of the room. )
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Title: The Circumference Of Darkness
Fandom: SG1
Summary: Cam apologises to Daniel, post Khalek
Notes: Experimenting with trying to write in a less dialogue heavy style. Short (~1000 words). The title is from Einstein: As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it.

'I'm sorry' )
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Title: Bowing to the inevitable
Fandom: SG1, set early season 3, I suppose.
Summary: Daniel is injured in custody and Jack won't leave him behind. Afterwards, neither of them can leave it alone.
Notes: I have no idea where this came from. I also don't really know what to make of it. I veer between re-reading it and really liking it and re-reading it and thinking nooo, it's all wrong!. As such, I would really value any crit. anyone feels inclined to offer.

Daniel shifts his weight when he sees him coming into the room, Jack notices. )
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Fandom: Stargate SG1
Summary: Some memories are easier to recover than others, Daniel finds.
Rating: PG-13. Jack/Daniel, non-explicit. Set after 7x02, Homecoming.
Notes: Tremendous thanks to [livejournal.com profile] princessofg for her help with this! It is a much better story than the draft I first posted her.

Daniel sits in the car, staring blankly out at the view in front of him. )
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Oh god, they killed Janet. I mean I was aware in theory that was going to happen, but I kind of forgot. Masking it that way was cheap but even so it really hits you. I didn't need to watch that tonight.
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Urge to write Sam/Janet rising....
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Title: After the Flood
Rating: 18
Fandom: SG1
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Summary: Jack's made it back from the Asgard and Daniel takes him home to recover from the day he's had. A first time fic and episode tag for The Fifth Race.

After he gets back the debriefing seems to go on forever. )
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Title: Moving forward, shutting down
Fandom: SG-1
Summary: Daniel needs help to deal after Hathor is gone. Episode tag for 1x13
Notes: This is actually the first bit of SG1 fic I wrote and I've been fiddling around with it on and off for ages. Last night when I got up at 4am to get a Lemsip, the final change I needed to make to be happy with it suddenly occured to me and so I decided to post it. Of course, I'm still on Lemsip now so who knows, I may come back and tweak it some more one day. Length wise, this probably qualifies as flash fic.

'Daniel?' )
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Title: Fraternization
Fandom: Stargate SG1
Summary: There's only so many reports of infringment of the fraternization regs that Hammond can ignore at any given time.
Note: This arrived almost fully formed while I was biking home from an arty thing in the botanic gardens. I actually started off imagining Hammond's conversation with Jack, but then got sidetracked by wondering how Daniel would take it. I didn't get it beta'd or anything, just thought I'd post it. Kinda between a drabble and a story, lenght wise - a short, I guess

When he gets back to Daniel's office, Daniel is already deeply absorbed in some set of runes or other, forehead creased in concentration. )
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Daniel, if you are going to insist on lurking in my hindbrain making remarks and feeling guilty and self pitying the least you could do is attach yourself to a story. I'm just saying.
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Prisoners: So, Colonel O'Neill, you've been to prison, have you? And we know what you did there, I bet. Also, Daniel, you are so cute ("which is not useful right now, per se"). Actually, I kind of love all of them in this episode.

The Gamekeeper: That was awesome! I love that they pick up cues as to what's going on before it starts to get irritating for them not to instead of right after. I giggled much more than is appropriate for poor Jack & Daniel in the first half.

Needs: So that's where the stuff about sarcophagus addiction comes from. It's like gradually fitting together pieces of a puzzle. I vaguely remember finding some of the bits at the start of this really funny, but then the second half made me forget what they were.
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Have been watching Stargate episodes. The lure of Jack/Daniel is calling me. I feel highly tempted to start doing 3 things for this but I probably shouldn't be nicking other people's formats. If I was going to then thing one for Hathor would be "Holy s**t, Daniel got date raped and he's making slightly uncomfortable witticisms about it!" I mean I know he doesn't really remember at all but even so. That's almost more freaky.


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