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Title: Operation Ruthless
Fandom: Torchwood/RPS
Rating: 18. Here lies PWP
Summary: Captain Jack Harkness has volunteered for a risky mission to retrieve German naval code books and help to crack the Enigma cypher. Dr Alan Turing wants to make sure he's taking it seriously.
Authors note: The idea for this pairing came to me at random while cycling one day and I couldn't resist it so I started looking for a suitable scenario. When I discovered Operation Ruthless, a plan to lure some German boats out by crashing a captured German plane in the Channel, overpower their crew and pinch the code books proposed by Ian Flemming (yes, that Ian Flemming) but never implemented, I couldn't resist. The reason it was never implemented seems to be in some dispute, but, I theorised, the likelihood of the crash just killing the pilot must have been a problem, which is where Jack, busy avoiding his previous self in London and looking for something to do, comes in. The characterisation of Turing is entirely imagined, although he did historically express frustration at the insistance by society of supressing and concealing homosexuality. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] the_summoning_d for the beta and encouragement!

Alan sat in the back of the briefing room, listening to Commander Flemming lay out the details of the operation. )


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