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See, this is why I don't post things in chapters. In the 5 things fic I'm currently writing, I've written part 1 (OK, but too short - needs to be fleshed out), part 2 (substantial and I'm mostly happy with it and part 4 (quite pleased with how that one turned out but not sure if if it finishes in the right place). I have a summary of what should happen in part 3 but no actual text that I'm happy with yet and I just had a new idea about part 5 last night which has completely changed where the whole thing will end up and may mean that bits need to be re-written. But not until I've written my essay, oh no.

Anyone fancy story-doctoring what I've got? It's going to end up being Steve/Tony now and it's Steve's POV (which I am finding very tricky). At this point I am mostly in the "babbling about ideas/story direction" mode rather than "serious nitpicks about grammar" mode. I think I am possibly too enamoured with the structure of it or something.
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I was looking at one or two other people's year in review posts and feeling cross with myself for only having published about 2 fic this year and then I looked back at my archive and realised that I had published rather more than that, actually. Not a lot more than that, but still. And I think it's an interesting exercise to look back on so what the hell, I shall indulge myself.

I feel like I'm in a bit of an odd place with writing at the moment. I simply don't have the energy to do much of it and the stories that end up really grabbing me are not the ones I would choose somehow - the SGA fic I'm writing right now is a case in point. I think that one is going to get finished so I won't say too much about it now but the story it's turned out to be is totally not the story I thought it would be when I first conceieved of it, although that's mostly a natural consequence of putting those characters into that situation - as soon as you think about it at all, it's not hot, it's scarring.

What has happened is that I am reading a huge bunch more than I was last year (although not actually commenting a lot which is really bad of me because I know how much I love it when people comment on what I've written). Since last year I've imbibed the complete canon of 3 and a half new fandoms (Spooks, White Collar, SGA and Leverage). I've written Spooks already and will probably write more and I know I'll write White Collar one day, although it probably won't be very popular because it won't be OT3. Still, WC pushes a lot of my buttons in a big way, I just have to figure out how to use that in my writing. I'm reading and loving loads of Inception fic (thanks mostly to [personal profile] aveleh and [personal profile] dodificus) and quite a bit of SGA. I haven't really found the White Collar writer who does it for me yet, but I'm not widely read in the fandom either, so I'm sure that'll come eventually. I also wallowed in X-factor RPF to a degree which I found and still find bizarre, but I loved it. Didn't watch any of the show (can't stand that sort of TV) but loved the fic completely unreasonably.

Anyway. This was going to be a post about what I wrote this year, so I suppose it's appropriate that I've spent so long going on about other stuff :) I'm feeling too tired to actually go and link to the stuff I wrote, but I did go back and read it earlier this afternoon. I was much darker this year - I didn't write anything that could really be called fluffy, and only the Broken Wings crossover from January is really light hearted. I'm not sure why that is really. I enjoyed writing for Spooks and I would like to do some more but S9 has really thrown my mental conception of Lucas out of whack, plus I miss Ros too much at the moment. The SGA thing is really not light hearted either. I should come up with some Merlin plot bunnies for 2011 - Merlin seems like a good place for light heartedness to me.
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Listening to the intro Start the Week this week, they had someone on from Granta to talk about writing sex. I didn't get to listen to the segment, unfortunately, but I'd be surprised if it's better than this and the references it links to - http://synecdochic.dreamwidth.org/108469.html. One of the major reasons I only ever picked up one of the BSFAs writers mags was that it was about writing sex and most of the pointers were kind of laughable. I guess it's a service there for people who're not on the internet yet.


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