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Am finally cautiously hopeful that RL will stop eating me for a while! I now have a job sorted out for next academic year, which takes so much of the pressure off! I now just have to pass my final assessment at the end of June and I'll actually be a teacher. My class next year are going to be 10 & 11 so I totally plan to introduce them to DW! Not this account though :D

Have spent half term in Vegas for the annual LJ retreat - this year about half LJ, half DW people as it was [personal profile] zorkian and [personal profile] janinedogs wedding. It was totally awesome and I feel way more optimistic about the future of both services, particularly LJ as I was never particularly worried about DW. I actually think that competition and a little friendly rivalry will be good for both sites. One of LJs problems for a while has been a focus on developing features marketing want rather than ones users want IMO. Now that there's another viable, popular service out there threatening LJs walled garden tie-ins, they'll have to raise their game, which can only be good for both services.

Also there was a hot tub, which I can offically report is the BEST THING EVAR. Sitting around being back rubbed by [personal profile] aveleh, followed by a massage from [personal profile] synecdochic which was so good that I was literally a puddle by the end and had to be poured upstairs to bed was the highlight of my week!
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Mmmmm, shopping. I have bought the most gorgeous handbag. A was very shocked when I admitted how much it cost, but I maintain it was totally worth it.
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Well, good morning again, Dreamwidth! Must remember to get in to the habit of not capitalizing the w :) Have to say, so far, half term is going exceedingly well. Have read a Georgette Heyer book each morning so far and will be spending this afternoon messing about on the internet followed/interspersed with messing around on Rock Band. Then tomorrow, it's off to the bosom of my family with more DW testing thrown in.

Yep, as I suspected, the preview bug still exists. If your style has view_entry_disabled set to true, the preview is completely unstyled (i.e. not even the DW site page layout). If you have it set to false, you get the message "Sorry, there was a problem." Although now I think of it, that could be a bug interacting with my style code. I'll try changing to another style and seeing if it persists.

Well, if it is a style interaction, it's the same for both of my styles and I've tested the other one on LJ before so I'm inclined to think it's not that.
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I actually managed to play Snow (the RHCP track) all the way through on Hard while I was at my friends house last night - I was so chuffed with myself! My timing was a bit off too - I bet I could do better next time as well. I wish they would hurry up and bring out Rock Band 2 for the wii so that I could download it!
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OK, so, year in review time.

First of all, I wrote things! Specifically, 20 things (one of which is for the holiday bang and so still anonymous) which I then actually published and people commented on and liked. I still can't quite believe that happened. I wrote bandslash! I wrote porn! I now have two active fandoms that I'm writing in!

I think probably the thing I'm proudest of is After The Flood, which is also the one I'm going to remember writing the most - it owes an awful lot to [livejournal.com profile] synecdochic's help and encouragement over IM, a log I still open up and check out occasionally when I'm feeling like I need a bit of reassurance that I can do this stuff, no really, I can.

In real life, I spent three weeks in the States visiting awesome internet people and then came back and got a new career path. The whole training thing is hella exciting, even though it is exhausting and all in all, I have to say it's looking good


Sep. 1st, 2008 04:52 pm
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Meme time! 10 things that recently made me happy, as tagged by [livejournal.com profile] the_summoning_d

  1. Hugs with my boyf!
  2. ROCK BAND! Seriously. So awesome.
  3. My kitties. Especially the older one coming to curl up next to me on the sofa and purr while I was watching TV.
  4. First day at new job! Pretty cool as well
  5. Sitting around watching Stargate. Yes, I know, it's lazy but it's fun :)
  6. Gorgeous curry for reception dinner at sis-in-law's wedding.
  7. David Tennant as Hamlet. He was so great.
  8. Copy of Busman's Honeymoon so I could finish off my Peter/Harriet kick and start reading the fic :)
  9. Going back and reading something I wrote a couple of months ago and thinking "Hey, that's not bad actually, and enjoying comments on it all over again.
  10. Starting new WIPs! Now I have finished some things, I get to start new things :)

I tag anyone who fancies it :)
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My mother is now suggesting that I have gastric banding surgery. Because oh god I am so fat and horrible.


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