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Well, I'm properly moved in now. I spent far to long today fiddling about altering my LJ friends list and my DW list so that I don't (hopefully) end up with cross posts on both lists but I should still have those of you posting different content on each site on both lists. I think. There may have to be a poll in future.

I also updated all my archived fic on LJ with links to comment here and shut down comments totally on the LJ. One day, I'll get the Merlin fic written, I promise :)
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Hmmm. I wish openID users could post in communities. Then I could just delete my old LJ when I'm done. As it is, I'll have to keep it around to sock puppet for me :)

Edit: Bah! The tiny text in Firefox on the update page means I make a lot more typos than usual. On the plus side, DW is going to have a cross posting thingamijig built in so I won't have to do any work to keep people up to date!
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It's just about possible that I could get to like this getting up in the mroning lark, you know. At this school, I arrive way before the teachers I'm working with (to miss the traffic) and I can sit here and catch up on email and just warm up gently to the day. If I had my own desk where I could avoid saying good morning to people, it would be even better!

I still haven't imported all my old entries over here yet, but this is feeling more and more like home to me. It feels odd when I go over to LJ and see the wrong style. I'm going to wait to run the importer until the comments engine is up too. That way in the mean time if anything weird comes up I'll be able to test it from a non-imported account, IYSWIM.


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