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Well, I have a first draft of angsty Torchwood fic. That totally didn't end up where I thought it was going when I first started it. Anyone fancy giving it a read through? Post KKBB J/I date fic. Way back when I first started it I was going to call it "Magic soaking my spine" because that song (Read My Mind) is totally a Jack vid in my head but I think it'll end up being called Whiskey and Revalations in the end.

I'm actually kind of chuffed just to have something finished - my writing has been a little stalled of late, what with a combination of being crazy busy with work and getting sick on a regular basis (why yes, I am again!)


Sep. 1st, 2008 04:52 pm
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Meme time! 10 things that recently made me happy, as tagged by [livejournal.com profile] the_summoning_d

  1. Hugs with my boyf!
  2. ROCK BAND! Seriously. So awesome.
  3. My kitties. Especially the older one coming to curl up next to me on the sofa and purr while I was watching TV.
  4. First day at new job! Pretty cool as well
  5. Sitting around watching Stargate. Yes, I know, it's lazy but it's fun :)
  6. Gorgeous curry for reception dinner at sis-in-law's wedding.
  7. David Tennant as Hamlet. He was so great.
  8. Copy of Busman's Honeymoon so I could finish off my Peter/Harriet kick and start reading the fic :)
  9. Going back and reading something I wrote a couple of months ago and thinking "Hey, that's not bad actually, and enjoying comments on it all over again.
  10. Starting new WIPs! Now I have finished some things, I get to start new things :)

I tag anyone who fancies it :)
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Yes, it's true. I help out at a Brownie pack and we made puppet theatres and asked them to write a play to perform in them last term. This is what we got from two of them:

Dr Bob by Bethany and Claire )
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So, my boyfriend came back from town yesterday with a new coat, looking slightly sheepish. He explained very carefully to me that he didn't have a smart winter coat so this filled a gap in his wardrobe and could be very useful and that he totally hadn't made the association until a friend pointed it out. He then proceeded to try on the coat to show me.

He has bought Captain Jack's coat! I have to say that he looks very cute in it as well.

In other news, a couple of the Brownies have written hilarious Dr Who fic as their puppet play. Video and script to follow.


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