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Mar. 14th, 2010 11:30 am
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Finally done something I've been thinking about for a while, prompted by [personal profile] zorkian and [personal profile] synecdochic's recent posts on the subject - deleted all the non fic content from my LJ and replaced the fic with placeholders. I don't plan to cross post any more but I will post links to new fic in my LJ, same as I would in a community - i.e. a link back to the post on DW to read it. This post is being cross posted (for fairly obvious reasons) but I'll remove it in a week or two.

I'm still mulling over the archiving stuff - thank you if you replied to that post, BTW - I will be replying to those but I'm still digesting right now. I think it's likely that I'll post some things to AO3 but I'm not sure what yet.
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Have been offered the opportunity to review DW by Google Checkout, having used it for the first time to buy a paid account for a random person to celebrate the PayPal thing being all sorted out. Things being as they are now, I gave DW 5 stars and mentioned in the comments box my disappointment with GC for ceasing working with them. Slightly odd! I'm still planning to write a letter of complaint to both PayPal and GC at some point to express my frustration with the whole payments thing. One day, when I have time!

In other news, Spooks is making me write het. Yes, I thought it would never happen, but there it is.
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Oh man, RL is totally driving me insane! I feel really bad/frustrated that I haven't been on IRC in about 3 weeks and have therefore been no help, DW-wise with stuff and things. Next week is half term, but I am spending it in Vegas and therefore will likely still be no help :) Week after, perhaps.
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Well, I'm properly moved in now. I spent far to long today fiddling about altering my LJ friends list and my DW list so that I don't (hopefully) end up with cross posts on both lists but I should still have those of you posting different content on each site on both lists. I think. There may have to be a poll in future.

I also updated all my archived fic on LJ with links to comment here and shut down comments totally on the LJ. One day, I'll get the Merlin fic written, I promise :)

Bug report

May. 2nd, 2009 02:20 pm
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Interesting bug - my profile page is not showing my default userpic - it's showing my first uploaded userpic for some reason. This behaviour is persistant even if I change my default icon to something else or set no default icon.

Must check bugzilla and see if that one's in there. ETA: yep, there it is.


Apr. 26th, 2009 04:11 pm
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Well, I'm finally back from the wilds of Devon - not only no internet, but very little phone reception either! Still, the whole thing went off very well and now I can hopefully relax again.

Now the cross-poster is up, I'm going to move this journal over to DW full time. I'll still read the LJ friends list but I'll be de-friending people on LJ who're posting the same content to DW. It's so exciting! I'll eventually go back, redirect the old posts on LJ to their DW equivalents and shut off comments, but that's a gradual project for when open beta is ticking along nicely.

The Merlinfic got lost :( I thought I'd saved it but apparently not so I'll have to start it again. Curses!
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So, DW open beta date has been announced! 30 April, 2009. Yes, it's really really happening - those crazy kids :)

As soon as things actually go live, I'm planning to move my journal over there permanently. I'll probably cross-post back to here but close comments so that they all stay in one place. I'd really like to do a poll, but as I am only a lowly free account here, no such luck :( I would appreciate knowing though...

[ ] I'm planning to move over to Dreamwidth and I'll be paying money for an account.
[ ] I'm planning to move over to Dreamwidth if I can get my hands on an invite code (hint hint :D).
[ ] I've no plans to move, but I'll come comment on your entries over there.
[ ] I've no plans to move and won't comment if I can't do it on LJ.
[ ] Err, I forgot what Dreamwidth is again... remind me?

I myself am hoping to buy a seed account so once things kick off, I should have plenty of coedz to go around...
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OK, so I've imported all my entries and comments from here into my Dreamwidth. You should be able to log in over there using open ID and edit the comments you've made. Can someone go over and try that out and then I'll try re-doing the import and see what happens to the edits.
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Well, here we go... I've created my Dreamwidth account ( and spent the whole afternoon and evening writing S2 code for the pretty style it's currently sporting. So far, so good. I've actually had more barfs from LJ timing out on me than I have from DW this afternoon :D
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OMG CLOSED BETA! I am so excited about this!

Oh man!

Feb. 14th, 2009 03:22 pm
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Well, here is my first post! I'm jumping the gun rather, as I don't think the closed beta has even officially started yet, but I got my code and so here I go. This is going to rock so hard....
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So I just applied to be a close-beta tester for Dreamwidth. Who knows if I'll get a spot - I expect a lot of people with more time than me will be applying - but I'm so excited about this and I want to at least try to do something useful. I had a go at the site scheme but in the end, I just didn't have the mental energy once my course kicked up again in November but I don't have to get heavy with it again until late April so it could be fun.

There was a time when I had a real sense of community with the LJ team. I felt like even when we didn't agree on the best plan, they were genuinely committed to the community and excited about the system. They were users. Sadly though, over the last few years it's just drifted further and further away from that to being managed by a corporation of people who don't really understand the community. Don't get me wrong, LJ still has great people working for it, but in the end, those people are not at the top of the tree and they get over-ruled.

So, in come [ profile] synecdochic and [ profile] xb95 with a plan to go back to creating a real community site, run by users for users. A site which will actually implement user suggestions and respond to user concerns. Which would all sound rather pie in the sky if it wasn't being run by these guys who are some of the most practical, smartest people I know. This is going to be good. I have no idea how much of the TW fan community are aware of the project, but I suspect a huge chunk of the SG1 fandom will be migrating over there from the go-get and I plan to do the same - I'll be picking up a permanent account over there and just posting to any comms over here using Open ID*. Seriously, it's going to rock.

* And that's another exciting thing - the plans for actually figuring out a working interoperability solution are really cool. The balance between useful and skeevy is hard, but they're figuring it out.


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