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So, I went to see Ghostbusters last week. And then again this week. And I seem to have a massive crush on Holtzmann. I suspect this film is going to be like Iron Man for me (which I have watched at least 10 times, if not more) except that I'm experiencing it at the time the film comes out and not on catch up. Which is fun but also frustrating because there's not much fic out there yet (not to say I haven't found some really good ones - are people interested in recs?).

It's kind of weird to be getting back into fandom because I feel like (a) I forgot how to do it and (b) it's being done differently now anyway. Tumblr scares me kind of and I don't really know how it works. I guess we'll see. I've not had that impulse to be creative in shows I'm into for a while, although I can't quite identify why not. I might well do some Jessica Jones stuff at some point but I need to nerve myself up to re watch that - I mean, it was absolutely amazing but I sped watched it over two days, which is a pretty hefty gut punch of emotional impact!

I did love it enough visually to commission a vid though :) I still wish I could make vids but I don't think I'm actually going to get around to figuring it out any time soon! [personal profile] buffyann made me a fantastic one though, and it did what I love, showing me some of what I love about the show and the characters and some things that I hadn't thought about but fitted perfectly when I looked at those clips with that lyric. Check it out - http://buffyann.dreamwidth.org/2101.html!
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