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See, this is why I don't post things in chapters. In the 5 things fic I'm currently writing, I've written part 1 (OK, but too short - needs to be fleshed out), part 2 (substantial and I'm mostly happy with it and part 4 (quite pleased with how that one turned out but not sure if if it finishes in the right place). I have a summary of what should happen in part 3 but no actual text that I'm happy with yet and I just had a new idea about part 5 last night which has completely changed where the whole thing will end up and may mean that bits need to be re-written. But not until I've written my essay, oh no.

Anyone fancy story-doctoring what I've got? It's going to end up being Steve/Tony now and it's Steve's POV (which I am finding very tricky). At this point I am mostly in the "babbling about ideas/story direction" mode rather than "serious nitpicks about grammar" mode. I think I am possibly too enamoured with the structure of it or something.


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