May. 29th, 2012

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So, I might have continued obsessively watching Iron Man and Avengers and watched all the prequels except the Hulk and I have thought of the following things, among others.

- Among the reasons that I like Tony Stark, I think, are that he has no brain to mouth filter and tends, unless he has a good reason to just tell the truth about stuff. I love the fact that at the end of Iron Man he's all "fuck this secret identity shit". I may possibly identify with this :)

- Another is that he is someone who has heroism thrust upon him, as opposed to Steve, who is naturally heroic and is just given an opportunity to show it.

- I think the reason I'm writing the fic I'm writing at the moment is not because I actually want Steve and Tony together but because I want Steve to see that he was wrong in what he said to Tony on the helicarrier. The problem is that this makes the fic unbalanced because Tony was also wrong, but I haven't focused on that at all. This means that I need to reconsider where the whole thing ends up, which is annoying but explains why trying to write the last bit doesn't work.


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